My son with #Autism has a broken heart tonight

We had a great evening and the kids went to bed without any trouble.  I had settled into some Web design work I’m doing to try and make ends meet. 

About 9:30 PM, Elliott comes downstairs with tears streaming down his face. 


He was struggling to sleep because he was really focused on all the people that have left him, as he put it..

This obviously stems from the same loss we’ve all felt over the last year but with him, he’s also had several friends move away as well.


One of those friends was very, very important to him and she left the school suddenly, without forwarding information and he didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. 

For some reason, he was sorta stuck in cyclical thought and his poor heart is just broken. 

He was not able to sleep.


Unfortunately, him being downstairs led to Emmett coming downstairs and neither of them could go back to bed.

They are both crashed on the couch and it looks like I’m camping out in the living room tonight. 

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  1. When I can’t sleep because I’m anxious, lately I do really repetitive bits of times tables, back and forwards, to fill up my brain until it’s too tired to work, maybe he could try? I do up to five times two forwards and backwards a few times until I get bored of it then do threes, and so on.

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