I received some bad news about Gavin and school

I spoke with the IEP coordinator at Gavin’s high school about what we were going to be doing for Gavin this year. 

She informed me that they terminated the online program that Gavin used last year for school. 

She explained their reasons and while the reasons make sense, this will a problem for Gavin. 

Gavin really isn’t capable of learning in the capacity that he will be required to if we do a more traditional home education.  I’m a bit worried about how this will play out. 

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Physically attending school is an impossibility for him for a million physical and emotional health reasons. 

I’m seriously concerned about what our options are going to be. At this point, Gavin turns 16 in a few months and if I’m not mistaken, I can withdraw him from school in the State of Ohio. I need to double check though. 

If I’m being completely honest, Gavin barely passed last year and  realistically shouldn’t have. 

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The best option for him to be able to forget about school and focus on everyday life skills.

Frankly, Gavin struggles with everyday activities like personal hygiene, unlocking the front door, finding clothes in his drawers, dealing with even a minimal amount of frustration and literally having to go to the bathroom every few minutes. 

My main goal here is to ensure Gavin’s health and safety. If I can do that without getting in trouble with the State, that would be a huge win.  

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