Chronic sleep deprivation is really taking its toll on this #Autism Dad

This whole Emmett not sleeping at night thing is getting really old.  I’m not getting nearly enough sleep. 

If the fever cycle is indeed causing this, I have less than about a week left.

Truthfully though, Emmett hasn’t slept well in a long time.  There’s either issues with falling asleep, staying asleep or both.  What’s been different lately is the not sleeping at all part.


It’s pretty common for special needs parents to experience chronic sleep deprivation as a result of their child having sleep disturbances.

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Something that is not often understood is that parents with autistic children for example, are managing a difficult situation and doing so 24/7/365.

The only time they can ever really relax is if respite is involved and even then, we worry. 

Lack of sleep and constant stress, really takes its toll on your body ans mind.

I’m so grateful that Elliott and Gavin sleep as well as they do.  If only I could help Emmett to sleep better, maybe I could do the same. 

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Emmett’s being afraid to sleep along is understandable when you know why he’s feeling that way.  He’s afraid that if he falls asleep without being glued to my arm, he’ll wake up and I’ll be gone. 

I know exactly where that’s coming from because when his Mom left, she put them to bed and left while they slept.

Kids with Autism tend to generalize and in his mind, Mom disappeared while I was sleeping, Daddy might too. 

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I really try to be understanding with this and I want to help him feel comfortable.  This explains his reluctance to go to sleep and his racing to find me when he wakes up in the middle of the night. 

It doesn’t explain the resent bouts with insomnia because that just popped up recently. 

Anyway, I’m tired once again today but I’m feeling okay and with any luck, I’ll make it to bedtime.  ☺