#Autism related sensory issues are so hard to work with -

#Autism related sensory issues are so hard to work with

Aside from the boys fighting this afternoon, we had a pretty good day. 

Both boys had a great day at school and enjoyed their homemade pepperoni rolls for lunch. 

At least it’s not pizza.  Typically they only eat Little Ceasars pizza in their school lunch but I wanted to try a week without that and see how things went. So far so good.  ☺

After school I took the boys to the store because Elliott wanted a pair of water shoes like Emmett has because they are more comfortable for his feet. 

They didn’t have water shoes left so I got him these slipper shoes that seem to feel really good for him..

These were super cheap.  I think they were like $7 but he’s happy and more comfortable, so whatever works. 

I suppose this way he has a choice of shoes to wear, based on how he’s feeling that day.

His sensory issues are quite as bad as Emmett’s but Elliott definitely has his moments.

I’m hoping he’ll feel more comfortable while at school tomorrow. 

Emmett wore his water shoes to school this morning for the first time in weeks amd seemed to do pretty good.

We’ll see how tomorrow morning goes… ☺

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