I’m so exhausted after Emmett’s doctors appointment

Emmett’s appointment sorta went okay but not entirely. 

I needed Emmett to be seen because the fever cycles have been coming back and I need to be able to deal with school absences without having to drive to Cleveland. 

Emmett will still be treated in Cleveland but this just got everyone on the same page. 

He did really well until his ears got flushed..

The thing on his scalp appears to be cradle cap…  It’s a little weird but easily addressed and no big deal.

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Because Emmett was running the low grade fever, she wanted to see if he had an ear infection. Upon examination however, his ears were pretty much sealed with wax. 

He had recently had his ears flushed when he crammed chicken fingers in his ear over the Summer. 

Again, a little weird that his ears are packed once again but nothing serious amd it explains his constant outdoor voice lately. 

This is where the appointment went down hill.

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As you can imagine, things like spraying water in his ear, doesn’t go over well.  Using the little scoop to try and remove the blockage doesn’t go over well either. 

She was able to get enough removed that she could see part of his ear drums and note that there was no infection. 

Emmett had gotten hysterical and so they didn’t want to push him anymore. 

It’s been about 2 hours since then and he’s completely overstimulated.  I’m hoping he’ll settle down eventually and we can have a more restful day….

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I’m already worn out and spent for the day…

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