It’s been a long day but I got lot’s of snuggles :)

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It’s been a really long day and we’re going into a 4 day weekend.

Actually, the 4 day weekend is for Emmett because he’s going to the doctors in the morning.  Elliott will be at school so it’s a 3 day weekend for him.

Thankfully, I will be getting Friday night and part of Saturday off as the boys will be visiting their Mom. 

No matter how many times I say that, I never get used to it. . 

Anyway, I’m going to try to get Mr. Emmett squared away this morning and will any luck, I can manage to bring him some degree of comfort. 

All things considered, it’s been a pretty decent day and I got lots of Emmett snuggles today.  Emmett and Elliott snuggles are my favorite thing in the world.  Gavin’s too old now but when he was little, he snuggled a lot as well. 

I’m looking forward to Thursday because I plan to own it and make it work for us.  😀

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