I'm just not as strong as I needed to be today -

I’m just not as strong as I needed to be today

I did really well until a little while ago.  There was the obligatory sharing of what everyone was thankful for and that is where I stumbled..

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for everyone that was grateful for their kids being with them today.  I’m happy for those who were thankful for their spouse and marriage.

It’s just that this is the first Thanksgiving that I haven’t been with my kids and of course there’s the lack of spouse termination of my marriage.

I’m just not as strong as I really needed to be in order to not be overcome by these things today.

Towards the end of dinner, I needed to just walk away and spend some time away from everyone.  It’ll be really good to see the kids when they get home today… ☺

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Darcy Dallin

I thought of you, Rob, on my 2 hour trip in ice & snow to visit family by myself. It would be nice to see each other next thanksgiving if we’re alone again & go out & drink & we be each others therapist! I was just remembering how you missed your boys soo much & I wish I had just taken my son with me & run away & it just be him n I. Yes, I had thanksgiving meal with my step mom & brother, but I wanted my son to me with me (is it bad that I didn’t want my daughter to?). It’s hard to be thankful for anything when we are suffering so.


Happy Thanksgiving! No matter where you are or what you are doing there is always something to be thankful for. Even it is the smallest of things, take that seed of thankfulness and make it grow.

You have much more than you think.

Rob Gorski

You’re absolutely right… ☺


You could take a leaf out of Emmett’s book and be thankful you’re not a bank robber? 😉
While you’ve lost so much this year, in that loss there have been gains. I would be thankful for Gavin. Thankful for the development of empathy and improvement in his behaviour. Thankful that Emmett and Elliott are being shielded and protected by their limited contact with Lizze. Imagine the damage that could have been done over the years if she didn’t leave.
Be thankful for your own freedom and brighter future without her. Your writing skills, programming skills and the people you help through the blog.

Rob Gorski

Thanks… ☺

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