As if things weren't already difficult enough -

As if things weren’t already difficult enough

The boys had a rough evening.  They were dropped off at my parents house around 4:30 PM. 

The moment Emmett walked into my parents house, he began to fall apart. 

Every little, tiny thing set him into a rage. He spent a large part of the time before we went home, freaking out over everything.

Clearly, something was eating at him but he refused to talk about it and I never push them to talk.  I wait for therapy, when Dr. Pattie can be the one to get them talking about what’s upsetting them. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always here for them should they need or want to talk and I’ll encourage them to talk to me but if they don’t want to, that’s the end of it. 

Elliott is also very upset and he did want to talk about what was bothering him because he’s angry.

I let him speak his mind and addressed his immediate concerns but I couldn’t really make him feel better. 

Gavin’s upset because his brothers are upset but he’s otherwise fine. 

Everyone went to bed okay and while Emmett came down once, he was able to find sleep.

Elliott on the other hand is so stressed out that he didn’t fall asleep until a little before midnight.  He fell asleep on the couch and I moved him to his bed, so everyone was sleeping upstairs together, instead of spread out across the house.

There is now a new hurdle that the boys are going to have to overcome.  One that they didn’t ask for and one I only found out about after the fact. 

Rather than allow myself to be angry and I have every right to be angry, I’m going to just focus on continuing to help the boys move forward. 

Anger isn’t beneficial at this point and frankly, it’s a waste of my precious time and energy. 

I’m going to channel any anger that enters my life, into something productive and positive.  It’s not easy but it’s the right thing to do…

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