Mornings like this just really suck

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Emmett had a really, really difficult morning, which means I had a really, really difficult morning. 

I wish I knew how to help him because I would do anything to make life easier for my kids. 

This morning was full of meltdowns over shoes, socks, lunches and not wanting to go to school.

I know I’m a grownup and whatever but when he gets this discombobulated, he just screams at me.  I don’t see this as him being disrespectful because it’s coming from a place of panic and lack of coping skills. 

That said, I really dislike being the target because I’m the only person in his life that is there for him, every single day. 

In some weird way, that’s probably why he feels safe enough to unload.  He knows that I would never leave him and so maybe I should be taking this as a compliment.

Mornings like this just really suck….

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