I totally kicked Monday’s ass today :)

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It’s not too often that I can honestly say this but I totally had a kickass day today. 

There’s always hiccups but it’s how we deal with the hiccups that defines us and we (the boys and I did awesome).


We had a slow start this morning but everyone went to school and we got there on time. 

I was able to get my walk in this morning and while it was really cold, it was awesome. I’m so glad I was able to pull that off. 

Gavin and I hung out for a little bit after my walk and worked on Fallout 3 together.  I was helping him learn how to barter with shop keepers and manage his money in the game. 

I got some laundry folded and even trimmed the ferret’s nails, which isn’t easy or particularly pleasant but they did well. 

I had to investigate something that happened to Elliott last week at school and I got my explanation.  I’m not sure I’m satisfied but it may not be a battle worth fighting because it’s not that big of a deal and sometimes I can be overly protective. 

After school, I took the boys to the park to get some wiggles out and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. 

No one wanted to go but I simply took away the choice.  🙂

That’s where I had my brilliant idea. 

What if I let the kids use their steps as a form of currency? They each have a FitBit Charge that Verizon Wireless gave me a month or so ago. 

The idea would be that they collect steps throughout the day and can either bank them for things like a Happy meal or spend them on video game time.  Things like that..

Brilliant right?

I have to work out the details but it would be a means of helping the boys to adjust to a healthier lifestyle. 

The steps are nothing for them but I feel better knowing that that are active in a constructive way.  It will encourage old school playtime and that’s something not always easy to get them to do. 

The boys love the idea… ☺

After dinner, I did Gavin’s IVIG infusion and it went really well.  It took roughly 1.5 hours and that’s pretty good time. 

That brings me to now. 

I’ve met every one of my fitness goals for today and that feels really good…


Everyone is in their own bed and I’m about to take a melatonin and go to bed a bit early… ☺
Today has been one for the highlight reels for me. 

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