We had a mini-crisis this morning

Yesterday was absolutely crazy and by the time the day came to a close, there wasn’t time to give Gavin his IVIG infusion. 

It’s not a huge deal because we were just going to do it this morning.  No harm no foul. 


Unfortunately, we discovered that Gavin’s infusion supplies for the month were off by at least 6 infusion sets, meaning we were completely out. 

I called around to local pharmacies in an effort to locate enough to get us through Monday, when he would need another infusion but no one carried them. 

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The supply company itself was closed and there was no after hours answering service. 

I reached out to Gavin’s immunologist because he’s going to potentially miss 2 infusions in a row.  I heard back right away and she said that Gavin should be okay.  While it’s really irritating that the supply company screwed up, Gavin has a buffer for a few days. 

The way we’ve been giving him his infusions, provides him with some overlap for just such an occasion. 

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It’s a short buffer but it’s enough to get us until Monday when she’s going to take care of it. 

She did say that we would have to increase the dose of his next 2 infusions in order replace that buffer though.

Gavin was pretty freaked out and so was I. 

I should have known about this sooner and that’s totally my fault.  I need be more vigilant in the future.. 

All that said, this mini-crisis was way more bark than bite and for that,  I’m grateful. 

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