Thank Goodness: Elliott’s feeling better

As we approach the 24 hour mark of Elliott getting sick, he’s doing much better. 

Assuming this holds true overnight, he’ll return to school in the morning and I for one will be grateful for that. 

I love him unconditionally but holy shit was he driving me crazy today. 


He was definitely stressed out because anxiety and ocd were in full effect. 

Somehow, he got the thought stuck in his head that he wanted to make an analog stopwatch.  You know, the really old school kind.

I’ve no clue where this came from but he just wouldnt let this idea go. 

How many times did he ask about it? How many minutes were there in the day, is how I would answer that question. 

It was constant.. 

Now I just need to make it to bedtime..  T-minus 30 minutes and counting..  ☺

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