I’m so excited about today

We had a slightly rough start to the morning.  Right before leaving for , started not feeling well. 

I ended up walking the boys into the school and hungout with Elliott for a little while. 

He wanted to go home but the issue was that he was just really nervous their Christmas program this afternoon.


I told him that I would bring him home for a little bit and if he felt better, I could bring him back. 

His was really high and that was causing the upset stomach. 

Anyway, he then made the decision to stick it out and try staying at school. 

I told him how proud I was and that I would call after my workout to see if he needed me.  Turns out he’s doing better and everything worked out. ☺

I can’t wait for their Christmas program this afternoon.  ☺

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2 Comments on "I’m so excited about today"

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Kim Gebhardt

Are both boys in the program? I hope you’re going to post video of them!

Rob Gorski

Of course I will. I had actually thought live broadcasting it on periscope but I think a video will work as well.