There’s a few things to catch you up on

The boys and I had a really good day. 

The Christmas program went really well.  The only thing that sacked was that there were a great many chain smokers in a relatively small,  enclosed space. 


Obviously no one was smoking in the building but they carried it with them. 

The stench of cigarette smoke made my eyes burn and I walked away with a massive headache.

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Seeing the boys do their thing made it all worth it though..  ☺

After the Christmas program, the boys and I went and saw The Good Dinosaur.

The really amazing part was that Elliott actually sat through the entire thing and truly enjoyed himself. 



Elliott has sat through a movie in as long as I can remember.  This was truly awesome. 

By the time we got out of the movie, it was time to make dinner and just relax the rest of the evening. 

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Everyone went to bed on time and without a problem. 

It really was one of the most positive days we’ve had in the last year or so.  I’m so thankful for it and I hope to have many more going forward.  ☺

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  1. Thanks..

    I should clarify that they don’t smoke in the school but they step outside to smoke. Some people just have that stench of cigarette smoke and it’s horrible. Their clothes stink and their breath is disgusting.

    They are like walking cigarettes.

    It seemed like nonsmokers were in the minority at the Christmas program. My eyes were burning.

    We have similar laws but people can smoke in public. They will go so far as to walk the running track at the park, chain smoking.
    That’s a pet peeve because I have to breathe that shit in because they are ahead of me and I can smell it until I pass them.

    1. tannawings


      While I am not in favor of smoking, like other things that have been shown not to be good for you, smoking is legal in designated areas.

      At LEAST the horrible smelling disgusting parents were THERE attending their children’s event.

      You had a good time, as did the boys.” It really was one of the most positive days we’ve had in the last year or so”

      While you were walking in and out I am sure you passed by a few that had glasses of wine, had shoved a pizza down, were wearing high heels, drank coffee, didnt get their 10,000 steps in, or whatever the latest ‘bad thing’ is. Focus on the positive. Your thing about smokers put the focus on them rather than a great Christmas program and a nice evening.

      Stay positive. If smoking is the vice these parents have (or Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents/caretakers) at least in their favor- they attended. Not every parent that could have did.

        1. tannawings

          I figured you did 🙂 I only mentioned this, because the whole negativity about a few smokers totally distracted from the wonderful time you had.2 ‘good sentences and then back to a negative small thing.
          I pass by people who smell like alcohol, stink like high heaven of perfumes, of smoke, etc. every single day.
          My point is dont sweat the small stuff. Sure you can cripe, but dont let those little things distract from the good.
          My other point is those parents or relatives were THERE as were you. ALL of you were loving caretakers enjoying their kids. Not all of their parents were there nor cared.Some parents were busy doing more important things (insert sarcasm) All of you attending, be they smokers, alcoholics, overeaters, or with whatever weakness came.
          Everyone has their pet peeves….

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