Here’s how the boy’s Christmas visitation with their Mom will work

Not that anyone is interested but I thought I would explain how Christmas is going to work this year. 

Whenever divorce enters into the lives of families, absolutely everything is impacted and you’re forced to make adjustments. 


One of the biggest adjustments has to do with visitation with the noncustodial parent, in this case, the boys Mother. 

Holiday’s are especially tough because family should be together over the Holiday’s and because of one person’s decisions, that simply can no longer be. 

For this Christmas, Lizze and her parents will have the boys from 5pm on the 23rd to 5pm on the 24th.

They will be home after that and for the duration of their Christmas break, save for dinner on the 30th with their Mom. 

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Honestly, this works out okay because the boys will get to spend time with their Mother and Grandparents.  They’re also going to be home for Christmas and truthfully, that’s in their best interests. 

The downside is that because they’re already going to be shuffled around and aside from breakfast at my parents house Christmas morning, the boys and I will remain at home. 

It’s best for them because Christmas is already a horrible holiday for my kids in regards to overstimulation, meltdowns, sensory overload and routine change. 

I won’t put them through anymore than they need to be put through. 

For them to get the most out of the holiday and frankly, for me to survive it, we have to keep things low key. 

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While I hate everything about getting divorced, I know it’s best for the boys and I. 

I’m grateful that there’s no battles over the boys because life is hard enough as it is. Being able to work things out in a civil manner, makes life so much easier. 

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  1. Darcy Dallin

    I tried to be civil & said I would take the kids more & overnight because they were on winter break, but I was denied more time with my kids because their dad is an a$$. I’m going to go back to court again, because the kids n I are tired of his antics & control. He’s just in the business of hurting me & the kids. I wish someone could teach him how to be civil.

  2. Jimmy Rock

    You called it a “downside” but a low key Xmas at home doesn’t sound bad at all. They get to see their mother and her family before, and presumably your family for breakfast on Xmas morning. That should be enough. Why set them up for failure with an overstimulating celebration elsewhere that you know all too well they can’t handle? You know what’s best for them, no need for apologies or feeling bad about somebody else’s expectations for them. Celebrate the holiday in a way that the boys will enjoy. Merry Christmas!

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