…..and this is why I hate the holidays anymore

Elliott and Emmett are both freaking out today.  Emmett just finished up an hour long meltdown and it was exhausting.

Waiting has never been their strong suit but that’s pretty common for any kid.

What makes this more challenging for them is the extreme anxiety they experience. 


As Christmas gets closer and closer, their anticipation and anxiety grow to such an extreme that it absolutely interferes with their lives. 

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Elliott’s spent a large part of the day crying and Emmett’s been screaming. 

They’ve both just reached their limits and anything additional from this point forward will likely just trigger more meltdowns. 

It’s pretty much always been something like this but since we’ve been on our new journey, things have been much worse. 

I love the holidays but hate how they impact the boys.  This is why I aim for as low key as humanly possible and if I could avoid them all together, I likely would. 

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