I had to call 911 tonight

The boys had been in bed for less than 10 minutes, when I kept hearing screaming coming from outside. 

I ignored it for as long as I could but it was getting so loud that the boys would likely take notice or we woken if they had fallen asleep. 

I stepped out onto my front porch and saw a huge street brawl going on just one house down from me. 



There was at least 20 to 30 kids/teenagers beating the shit out of another kid.

I couldn’t tell if that one person was male or female because the mob of kids were completely surrounding the person being assaulted.

I called 911 and I the cops responded in force in almost no time at all.  I mean it was maybe a minute or two. Amazing. 

The kids split off into two groups and then the sirens sent them running home to hide. 

Myself and a few neighbors spoke with police and explained what we saw. 

What really scares me, is that there were kids that looked to be as young as Emmett involved.  I recognized a couple of them and they were very young. 

It’s really sad and scary..

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Shawn Snowdon
Please be careful. You never can tell when it is gang related, and you certainly wouldn’t want them to see you poking your head out of the door right before the police got called, at least I wouldn’t want a gang to know I called the police on them! I know it might sound silly but you never know when kids (gang or not) might want to “get back at you” for calling an incident in. I am NOT saying you should not have called it in, because you absolutely did the right thing, I would just be a little… Read more »
Rob Gorski

Oh, you’re totally right. The video and pictures were after the fact. The were half a dozen neighbors out in the street talking to police.

Thank You so much for your concern though. I totally agree with everything you said. I probably could have been a little clearer in the post stating that the pictures were after everyone was gone but the cops were still there.

Shawn Snowdon

I am so glad to hear you were not the only one out there! It made me so nervous to think that these kids would see you as the one who turned them in. Kids can be so revengeful these days. Stay safe and as always you and your boys are in my prayers!

Kim Gebhardt

I hate seeing young kids who are baby thugs in training. You just know that nothing good is going to happen as they get older. 🙁