Sometimes it’s best to just accept that it’s just not meant to be

I’m by no stretch of the definition, a quiter. At the same time, if you look up stupid in the dictionary, you won’t find my picture. 

It’s one thing to never give up but it’s entirely different to perpetuate a cycle of events that seem to always end with the same results.  That’s the very definition of insanity. 


We made a second attempt to see the new Star Wars movie this morning. 

Last weekend I took the boys to see Star Wars but ended up leaving 20 minutes into the actual movie.  Elliott decided he didn’t want to be there and Emmett started not feeling well. 

I wanted to make sure that I took care of the kids but also respect the other patrons in the theater and not allow Elliott’s dissatisfaction with being there to disrupt anyone else’s experience. 

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It sucks and it’s not the end of the world but it’s also not cheap either. 

My Dad invited Gavin and I to see Star Wars this morning, along with him, my brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

Elliott and Emmett stayed with my Mom.

We get there and the previews finally begin and wouldn’t you know it, Gavin begins having bladder issues.  In the 20 minutes we had been sitting, waiting for the movie to start, Gavin had to get up and use the bathroom over half a dozen times. 

Each time he would have to walk down the row and everyone had to move to let him out. 

Gavin began getting really frustrated and frankly, this had the makings of a total disaster. 

Read This  Taking my 3 kids with #Autism to the grocery store isn't easy

The bladder issues lead to a few close calls and I decided that it was best to leave. There wasn’t really anywhere else to sit and it was literally every 5 minutes he was having to go. 

There wasn’t any way to make it work and the last thing I wanted was for Gavin to have an accident.  I didn’t want him to have to go through that. 

It was just better to cut our losses a second time and make sure Gavin was taken care of. 

On the way home, I took him to the track and we did a lap (1.6 miles). For some reason, walking seems to help when he’s dealing with this. 

It was pretty freaking cold but he made it and hasn’t had any issues since. 

Read This  Taking my 3 kids with #Autism to the grocery store isn't easy

When you’re a parent, shit like this is going to happen and rather than freak out,  it’s best to just roll with the punches. 

Yes it’s frustrating but it’s not his fault and I certainly don’t want him to feel that I’m upset.  He feels bad enough and is already frustrated enough with himself.  He simply needs compassion and understanding, not further guilt. 

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