Here’s some awesome news to chew on tonight :)

There’s some really positive things that happened today, despite the overwhelming shitstorm swirling around my house. 

I feel like we’ve made some progress as far as making this visitation thing work.

The boys Mom called a few days ago and said that they wanted to take the boys to Chuck E Cheeses for Gavin’s birthday. 


I think that’s an awesome idea. 

The problem arose with the timing of it.  She wanted to take them during her every other week dinner with the boys. 

I wasn’t comfortable with that because she has dinner with them every other Wednesday night.  Taking the them to Chuck E Cheeses on a school night, in the middle of the school week is just not a good idea. 

They would be so overstimulated upon returning, they would never go to sleep and they already don’t sleep enough. 

It would most certainly impact them the next day as well and I already have a hard enough time getting them to go to school right now.

I feel pretty good because I was able to ensure the best interests of the boys and still help make this birthday surprise happen for Gavin. 

Rather than do this in the middle of the week, their Mom made arrangements for it to happen tonight, during their overnight visit and I think that was a fantastic idea. 

I didn’t say anything to the boys about this because I wanted to let her surprise them. 

We almost had a little snafu after school though because Emmett said he didn’t want to go for the visit because he wasn’t feeling well.  He never really tries to get out of the visits so I wanted to see if he was really not feeling good or if he was just sorta freaked out by the change in the time they went over. 

Both Emmett and Elliott are sensitive to things like that and get overwhelmed easily. 

I called their Mom and explained what was going on and asked her if she wanted to the tell the boys what she and Grandma had planned. 

When she told them and they were through the roof with excitement and Emmett felt better.  We both agreed that it was probably an emotional tummy ache but if he starts not feeling good, he’ll just come back home. 

I checked in with her this evening and Chuck E Cheeses went really well.  ☺

That’s so awesome to see it work out for all of them. 

Regardless of my personal feelings, I only want what’s best for the boys and knowing they all had fun together tonight really does my heart good.  ☺

I feel like this was a really positive experience for everyone and I wanted to say how good it feels to be able to share this. 

The boys are scheduled to return home after dinner on Saturday and I can’t wait to hear all about their experience.  ☺

This is definitely the glimmer I’m going to focus on this weekend. 

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