I made an important exception to the boys dinner visit tonight with their Mom

The boys Mom and Grandma will be picking them up right after school today.  This will be an extended dinner visit because of Gavin’s birthday. 

I was asked if the boys could spend more time over there today because they want to celebrate Gavin’s birthday, which is next week and he’s going to be 16.. 😕

Anyway, I was more than happy to make an exception for something like this. 

I’m not trying to be a visitation nazi but it’s my responsibility to ensure the consistency and stability in the boys life.  When she walked away, that was placed square in my lap and take that very seriously. 


Anyway, even small changes to their lives can be very destabilizing for them and make life very challenging for both them and myself. 

That being said, I will always respect her and value the fact that she’s their Mother.  That will never change, regardless of what she’s done to me personally or put the kids through. 

They still need that connection, at least on some level..

Extra time on a school night is not something I would normally go for because bedtime, sleep and getting the boys to go to school is already challenging enough as it is. 

Having said that, this is one of those time where I’m happy to deal with whatever fallout there will be because Gavin deserves to celebrate his birthday with his Mom and vise versa. 

It’s sad to me that we aren’t celebrating as a family and this is what our lives have come to but it wasn’t my decision and I have no control over anyone’s actions but my own. 

Now it’s my job to make the best of what’s left of our lives and begin to rebuild.

The extra time is happening today if for no other reason than it feels like the right thing to do. 

Every visit the boys get is time spent with their Grandparents as well and that’s very, very, very important to me also.  They certainly didn’t ask for any of this either and seeing their Grandchildren will never be impacted any decisions made by the boys mother. 

I realize this is a lot of information but I’m trying to share my thought process and maybe even set an example of how one can handle situations like this when special needs kids are involved. 

I’m far from perfect. I will always make mistakes and some will be doozies. 

This feels like a positive thing and because of that, I’m really happy to help facilitate this..  😀
I hope everyone has a great time tonight and they make some new memories that can begin to overshadow the sad ones. 

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