I had to call the police again tonight… Twice

You know, I don’t get many breaks but when I do, I really try to take advantage of the time and use it to decompress. 

Tonight was actually the first night I’ve truly had off in awhile. 


My night off was interrupted by people who just don’t care about those around them.  They have no respect and I’m so fucking tired of this.

The people who recently moved into my neighborhood and we’re responsible for the recent street brawls we at it again tonight. 

I ended up having to call the police twice because there were large numbers of these kids swarming the street and making all kinds of noise.  Apparently, there was a party at the house in question. 

I called the police the first time because they gathering in front of my house and in my neighbor’s yard. 

We all watch out for each other and I was worried that this was going to lead to another street fight. 

An hour or so went by before my concerns were proven correct. 

My night off was interrupted a second time by a mob of kids in the street fighting.  I called 911 and this time the police took forever to get here. 

The rest of the night went the same and I’m so frustrated that I can’t sleep.

I don’t understand why people don’t care… You’d think I’d learn by now that my I would never do that to someone, why would they do it to me approach to life is seriously flawed.

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  1. Speak with your city council especially the one on your ward. Keep calling, better yet, show up and talk. Talk to the police and find out who does the investigations, better yet talk to the chief, Talk and keep talking, and point out the number of times they have been summoned. If this home is a rental, find out who owns it and give the authorities their name.
    No kidding we had the same thing many times,,,, point out they (the people disrupting the neighborhood) are infringing with your right to enjoy and live at your property and you are a homeowner. Tell them you are concerned for your and your children’s safety. (we had lots of gunshots when ours happened so it was a valid concern)

    Do NOT keep bringing up the special needs part, just approach this as a concerned citizen who has kept having problems. You can only do this if they are breaking the law… if they are the squeaky wheel gets greased.

    I ended up going to city council meetings, going into the police chief’s office, speaking with the mayor , but finally the house was declared a nuisance. The renters causing problems were cleared out. The owner of the home fined, and now they are charged anytime the police are called to their properties. It took awhile but keep at it. The guy that owns the properties is being hit in his billfold, and I guess thats what it took.

    I hate the winter, but here it calms down. I guess no one wants to shoot and run when it is -30 outside!

    Take action, be firm but polite. Google what the nuisance laws are in your city.

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