Divorce: I’m feeling an enormous amount of stress and pressure

Let’s start things off with all the positives from today before getting into the rest.

The boys had a pretty awesome day.  It was really quite busy and I’m exceptionally tired.

Elliott and Emmett had a good time having breakfast at school with their Mom and Grandma.  I truly love to see these positive things happen.  ☺

Gavin did great at physical therapy today and was very helpful around the house, as usual.


Emmett had sort of a little breakthrough at OT/PT today but I’ll get into that later. 

Both boys had great days at school and Elliott did his homework without any issues. I’m proud of them both. 

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Therapy tonight went pretty well but it ended up leading to a really unpleasant conversation after the kids were in bed. 

I’m feeling an enormous amount of stress and pressure but I have to stand by what I truly feel is in the best interest of my kids.  I will always be there for them and that means making decisions that are sometimes unpopular.

I hate that this is the direction my life has taken but I love my kids and I will continue to do what’s best for them.  I’ll seek advice as needed and make sure the kids have the best chance at life. 

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