Look at the picture and see if you can determine why I don’t sleep well

I shot this picture when I woke up this morning, not feeling very rested. 


This just might be why I don’t sleep very well. 

Assuming you have no idea what this picture is of, allow me to explain. 

The red you see happens to be the shirt I wore to bed last night.  I’m laying on my back and the giant red bump, is Emmett’s head. 

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He was trying to snuggle as close to me as he could and he literally climbed underneath my my shirt.  He’s laying on my chest.


Knowing that words would never do this justice, I grabbed my phone off my nightstand, snapped a quick picture.  After that I gave myself an Emmettectomy and tried to go back to sleep. 

Pretty crazy right?

Please tell me I’m not alone?

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