Shit….. So this just happened :(

I have to cram another appointment in this evening that I hadn’t planned on. I’m now having car trouble and if the weather drops below freezing, this will be a significant problem. 

There’s a number of things wrong with the car but the most pressing right now is the blower motor. 

I’ve been nursing it along for awhile and it’s finally given up on life. 

This means that there’s no heat in the car and no way to defrost the windows.  That’s obviously a problem because I live in Ohio. 

I’m thinking there’s a loose connection because if I hit the top of the dash on the passenger side of the car, it would kick back on.  If we hit a bump, it would shut off again. 

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The blower motor in on the passenger side, above the glove box, so it’s absolutely plausible that it’s just a loose wire. 

The other issues are electrical in nature as well but not as pressing as the blower. 


Thankfully, my brother is going to scope the car at 5 pm after his last job for the day.  He’s a tech with GMC and will be able to tell me what’s going on. 

The only catch is that I have to be done with Dr. Reynolds, have the kids to my parents and be on the other side of town by 5pm.  That’s going to require that Dr. Reynolds be on time and that never happens. 

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The theme for the night is going to be utter chaos…  ☺

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  1. jcdlmom

    Not knowing what kind of car you drive, this was what was wrong with mine. There is a blower motor resistor behind the glove box, it was bad. Put a new one in and back to normal. We have a Dodge Caravan.

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