I have some really, really good news -

I have some really, really good news

Here’s what happened with the car. 

I shared earlier that the blower motor stopped working and how that’s a problem because I live in Ohio. 

There are quite a few other things that need addressed but this was bumped to the top of the list. 

I took the car to my brother at work and he tore into for me. 


Turns out the blower motor itself was bad and it wasn’t just a lose connection like I was hoping for.  Anyway, the replacement motor was only $84 out the door and he did it on the spot. 

I was thinking I’d have to come back but start to finish, I was back to pick the boys up in about an hour. That included waiting for the part to be ordered and delivered. 

The blower works great now and I will be able to defrost the windshield or just keep the car warm again. 

I’m so grateful for my brother’s help and I’m also thankful that I was in a position to cover the cost of the repairs. 

This is great news and I think I even heard the car breathe a sigh of relief because I will no longer beat the shit out of the dash trying to get the defrost to turn back on.  ☺

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