Divorce: Trying to make everything work

Nothing is easy, especially when one is more involved than the other. 

Trying to find some kind of balance, while still establishing and maintaining boundaries can be tenuous at times.  I often find myself frustrated by destabilizing forces.

It’s hard to find that delicate equilibrium when it’s nearly impossible to both get and keep everyone on the same page.

That being said, nearly impossible and impossible aren’t the same thing. 

I just have to keep trying and not give into frustration. The effort is worth it because it benefits the boys in the end. 

With any luck, my sanity will grow back over time.. 


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3 Comments on "Divorce: Trying to make everything work"

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Ellen Beck

I thought I commented here- basiclly saying you were doing great. It went poof smile

Rob Gorski

Maybe it didn’t go through? I do have people going through on occasion and flagging random comments but there was nothing for this post.

Either way, thank you so much.. ☺

Rob Gorski
You know…. Hmmmm.. First of all, I really appreciate your support. I have to be honest and say that I don’t know what you’re referring to in regards to her social media stuff because I’ve been blocked or banned across the board. I suppose it’s better this way because ignorance is bliss right? There’s no legal order at this point for supervised visits but that is in the agreement and she’s agreed to that. Regardless of her reasons for doing so, it makes things easier and I’m really grateful for that. I don’t agree with anything she’s done but I’ve… Read more »