Because I’m bored, can’t sleep and any forward motion is progress

I’m having a hard time sleeping tonight.  I’ve caught up on all my shows and I’m to try sleeping again. 

As I looked over at my nightstand, it occurred to me that it actually looks pretty damn good.  Last time I showed this to you guys, it was atrocious.  I’ve really been trying to keep it presentable or at the very least set a better example for the boys..


Pretty much everything you see here are review items that I’ve received for and playing with.  The newest addition to the nightstand is the essential oils diffuser.  It’s pretty fricking amazing and I have a few more coming next week for the boys rooms. 

Anyway, it’s progress and I like to remain focused on progress whenever possible. 

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2 Comments on "Because I’m bored, can’t sleep and any forward motion is progress"

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Kim Gebhardt

Rob, if you’re going to have oil diffusers in all of the bedrooms, please do a little research on which oils are safe for cats. Some of them can be toxic to them.

Rob Gorski

Okay thanks