Elliott is the worst when it comes to being sick

Elliott’s doctors appointment is soon and it can’t come fast enough.  He’s the worst when it comes to being sick. 

He’s been freaking out because I’m making him rest. 


Anytime he moves around, he ends up in a coughing fit.  Naturally, the way to avoid that is to limit ones movements.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t jive well with Mr. Elliott because, he very much dislikes having to sit still and hates being told what to do even more. 

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I’m hoping that the doctor will say that it’s just nasal drip that’s causing the coughing and it’s nothing serious. 

Asthma is involved though and I can’t be too careful…

With the other boys, if I tell them to lay down because they’re sick, they lay down.  Elliott just won’t for some reason. 

Very frustrating…..

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  1. Kim Gebhardt

    How does all the animal dander affect him? Everyone I know with asthma has to be careful about having pets, especially cats. The other issue with indoor cats (and ferrets) is how dusty the litter is. Dust can be another huge issue where asthma is concerned.

    1. That’s a good question Kim… Pet dander has never been an issue. As for the litter boxes, I only use 100% dust free litter.

      The dust in the house is another animal all together. I really need to remove all the carpet because the padding is all broken down and theres really no way to eliminate the dust.

      Elliott only has asthma related problems when he’s sick. Otherwise, his asthma is very well managed…..

      Good question though…

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