Elliott’s not getting any better

It’s been a really long day and I am absolutely exhausted. Elliott’s not getting any better but he’s also not getting any worse.  At least there’s that.

I’ve really struggled with Elliott today because he would not rest. He was frustrated at the limitations being placed on him and I guess I can’t blame him because who likes being sick.  Unfortunately,  the more upset he got, the worse his asthma symptoms got as well. 

As it turns out, I ended up having to find a balance between letting him play quietly and making sure he got rest. It wasn’t easy because Emmett was home from school due to a snow day.

I spoke with the doctors office and they said if he’s still the same in the morning, to keep him home once again. That of course, will turn a five day weekend into a six day weekend.  I don’t know about you but that’s a bit too long for me. 

My hope is that he’s feeling better in the AM and will be able to go to school.

He needs back into his routine and I need my sanity to return, so it seems we would both benefit from that arrangement….


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Hoping tomorrow he is back in school….


Hoping tomorrow he is back in school….