When your pharmacy actually loses your prescription and any record that you even filled it with them

I’m gonna be honest, if this hadn’t happened to me, I probably wouldn’t believe it myself. 

This morning I took my last Paxil and went to scan the bottle for a refill but it wouldn’t go through.  I soon realized that the reason it wouldn’t go through is because when I got my new script last month, I combined the bottles so I didn’t have multiples. 

Apparently, I accidentally combined them into the old bottle and not into the new bottle as I had intended to do.

Not a huge deal right? You would think…

I figured I would just call it in and pick it up after getting the boys from school or first thing in the morning. 


The furnace issues had me distracted and I didn’t call until after the boys got home from school. When I called the pharmacy and requested the refill, they informed me that I hadn’t refilled this prescription since November of 2015 and that they don’t have a script on file. 

That’s simply not true because it’s autorefilled at the end of each month, unless I manually scan it myself. This would be the 3rd time this year that it would be refilled.  The pharmacy said that they have 3 months missing from my record, including that script. 

They have my Wellbutrine on file and they were both faxed and received on the same day. 

My doctor is closed until tomorrow morning but the pharmacy is already faxing and requesting a refill. It shouldn’t be an issue to get a new script in the morning but how in the hell does this even happen in the first place?

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