The boys had a good day at school but I learned something that’s pretty sad

The boys had a good day at school today but Elliott says that he was pretty stressed out for awhile. 

Elliott’s teachers and I have been noticing how upset (to the extent that he actually breaks down in tears) he gets when there is any arguing in the classroom or in the dojo. Kids bicker and fight, it’s just part of growing up but for Elliot it’s extremely upsetting. 

Apparently there was arguing in the dojo today while playing a game and Elliott got really upset.  I’m trying to help him understand that people won’t always get along and that sometimes fighting or arguing happens.  It doesn’t mean the end of friendships and it’s sorta normal do this to happen….

It’s sad that Elliott is so profoundly effected by this but he’s a sensitive kid, especially in more recent history… I’m gonna need to touch base with his teachers and keep Dr. Pattie in the loop….

Aside from that, it was a good day for him as well.  That makes me happy… ☺


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