I’m feeling like a pretty awesome #Autism #Dad today

Gavin and I have had a pretty awesome day. After the boys got to school, we ate breakfast and got his IVIG infusion started.  One of the needles seemed to start leaking and that always freaks him out. It was a tiny little hiccup that he quickly overcame.  ☺

I took a nap on the adjacent couch while his infusion was underway and felt alive again when I woke up. 


After his infusion, Gavin and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and warm-ish temperature.  We’re wanting to walk/hike a few times a week and today was a perfect day.

We aim for 30 minutes of continuous walking because Gavin has some limitations.  Our goal is to work up from there, a little bit at a time and keep improving. 


Today we did just that and I’m so proud of Mr. Gavin cause he kicked ass. 

We walked nonstop for 47 minutes.  That amounted to 2.22 miles and that may just be the longest Gavin walk on record.  We made it one lap but made that one lap bigger than the last time. 


Immediately following that, we hit the grocery store.  Gavin pushed the cart the entire time and didn’t smash into me or anyone else.  He even ran out to the car by himself to retrieve my wallet, while I was ringing the groceries up.

Now we’re just waiting to pick up his brothers before heading home to begin our weekend. 

I’m feeling pretty awesome right now. 

There aren’t any plans for the rest of the day but I’m going to get some work done and follow up on a few advertising leads that can help increase my monthly income..  ☺


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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