I forgot the boys don’t have school on Friday and that presents a problem

Today’s the boys last day of school before Spring Break begins.  I was thinking they had school on Friday but they don’t and that presents a slight problem.

I promised Gavin that I would take him to see Batman vs Superman on Friday, while the boys were in school.  Now that they’re going to be home, I’m not sure what to do.  Elliott has no interest and frankly, I’d want to see it prior to even considering letting the boys see it anyway. 

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Maybe I’ll be able to figure something out for the younger ones so I can still take Gavin. 

If I can’t figure something out, Gavin will be cool with it because he’s the most patient and understanding person I’ve ever known.  I was really hoping to make this a him and me thing  but it may have to wait until after Spring Break is over. 

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The movies not going anywhere… ☺