There’s no sleep for those who need it

I was so proud of myself last night because I once again was in bed before 9:30 PM.  Unfortunately, getting to bed early and falling asleep early are two very different things. 

As of the time of writing, it’s on about 2 AM and I just can’t shut my brain off.

I’m hoping to fall asleep soon because I’m pushing about 6 hours of trying.  At least I won’t be alone because Mr. Elliott just walked in because he woke up and can’t go back to sleep because he’s got a really loud case of hiccups. 

Read This  Working with what I have

There’s no hope for us because every time he hiccups, he giggles and it’s infectious.  He’s literally shaking the whole bed each time he hiccups.

It’s already been a really long night but I’m hoping that this tend comes to an end and I can find some sleep.  Same goes for Elliott because he’s got school testing in the morning…