Our routine has been completely thrown out the window today

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The boys have been prepared for the change to the physical and Speech therapy schedules for today.  Elliott knows that he’s not going home with Grandma and is instead coming to therapy with us. 

It wasn’t the end of the world and they took on the change without too much distress. 


Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the end of the routine changes for today.  It turns out that our family therapist is sick and having to cancel as well.  Tuesday night therapy is just something we do every Tuesday night. 

She never cancles and neither do we. 

This will come as more of a shocker to the boys than the earlier schedule change.  I’m hoping that we can just move right through this and they will see it as extra playtime… ☺

Gavin’s fine with everything and Elliott should be as well.  Emmett’s the one I’m more concerned about. I’ll probably see some behavioral issues as a result of all the change but I’m just going to play this all up as a positive thing and see where it goes. 

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