I do wish I wasn't sleeping on the couch again tonight -

I do wish I wasn’t sleeping on the couch again tonight

Everyone is asleep and no one is throwing up, including me..  Although I’m awake because the ferrets woke me up as they were playing in their cage.

That’s really positive news. I mean the part about no one puking.  Not the part about me being awake. I’m hoping with all the energy I can muster, that if everyone wakes up doing well in the morning, we can put all this unpleasantness behind us. 

I’ll be voting for a calm, quiet day but the boys can play again and that’s a something that will be a big help for me. 

There’s some writing and reviews I have to get caught up on.  Plus, it would be really nice to have everyone in a better mood and ring in the coming week in a more positive way. 


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