@Hickies can allow your child with #Autism put their shoes on without assistance

Click Here to purchase your Hickies in whatever color you wish. During checkout use this code to receive 20% off:  GORSKI 

Please understand that I would never endorse something I don’t truly believe in.  My kids and I have throughly tested these and absolutely love them.  It makes my life easier and I can’t go wrong with that..

How many of your kids struggle with tying their shoes? How many parents out there would love a better alternative and more options than just velcro? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, this post may just change your life or at least make it easier.

I’m working with Hickies, maker of the no tie shoelaces, to bring this potentially life altering product to the and special needs community.

Click Here to purchase your Hickies in whatever color you wish. During checkout use this code to receive 20% off:  GORSKI 

There’s not a whole lot that can said about Hickies aside from they’re fricking awesome. 

When I stumbled across these a few weeks ago, they were marketed to people ranging from your average everyday people to athletes.  There are obvious benefits that these people can receive by switching to Hickies and ditching their old laces.

With Hickies, your shoes never come loose or untied. There’s several different ways to utilize Hickies in order to make them work for you, based on how tight or loose you like your shoes to be.

What I saw when I stumbled across these was an incredibly simple product that has the potential to change lives in the special needs community.

Kids with Autism can often struggle with fine motor skills.  Shoe tying can be a very frustrating, even sometimes impossible task for a child on the .  My kids all struggled with shoe tying and in the case of my Emmett, shoe tying has proven to be an absolute nightmare.


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We’ve been using Hickies in my house for about a week or so now and Emmett hasn’t complained once about his shoes.  I say this never happens because IT NEVER HAPPENS.

Hickies allow him to slip his shoes on and off without much struggle.  Most importantly, they feel uniformly tight to his feet and that’s a crucial requirement for him.

The reason I reached out to Hickies was because there are so many people in the Autism and special needs community who can benefit from these but they first need to know they exist.  That’s where I come in.

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