The Weird things I find when checking on my kids before bed

The Weird things I find when checking on my kids before bed

It’s been a really weird night.  I’m once again not able to sleep for a number of reasons.  That’s not really weird but here’s what is..

When I checked on the boys before trying to go to sleep myself, I found Emmett in a very unexpected place. 

He was sleeping on the floor of his room. 

For a minute, I thought maybe he feel out of his bed (the top bunk) but I never heard a thud.

Turns out he was sleeping on the floor with his cat, Blue. 

Blue is only super friendly at night.  He avoids us during the day but after the kids go down, he hunts for Emmett and sorta demands attention, not really taking no for an answer. 

Emmett wants Blue to sleep with him at night and because he’s on the top bunk, he figured why not make himself available on the floor. 

The boy’s room is a disaster and I don’t want him sleeping on the floor until I fight back the flood of toys..


I gently moved him to my bed, where Blue was all to happy to find him. 

After helping Emmett, I checked on Gavin. 

I found Gavin asleep but hanging off the side of his bed, supported only by his arm.  He was actually supporting himself with his arm, while he was sleeping.  I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Weird is all I can come up with…

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