(Daily #Autism Parenting Poll) Is your child with Autism on an IEP?

Today’s poll is meant to gauge how your child with Autism experiences school. There are many Autism parenting veterans, who know a great deal about navigating the school system. 

There are also a great many Autism parenting noobs out there and they could benefit from knowing just how many of your kids are on an IEP. 

Please take a second and answer the poll below.… Read More

Things just kinda suck right now but I promise I’ll get back on track

I’ve been horrible when it comes to writing lately. The truth is that I’m really overwhelmed by life right now and writing just seems like too much work sometimes.  

While I’m aware that I don’t have to write, I need to write because it’s one of the biggest ways I’ve found to cope with all the craziness in my life. 

That being said, I’m really trying to buckle down and churn out post in a regular basis.… Read More

What #Autism or #Parenting topics would you like me to write about? 

Back in the says of Lost and Tired, I shared my opinions on things quite often.  I’ve gotten away from that because I just sorta lost interest for awhile and life had gotten to challenging. 

That said, I thought I’d ask my readers if there’s anything they would like me to write about. 

I’m trying to keep things Autism or parenting related and I’m happy to share my thoughts on whatever peaks your interest or maybe just answer a few questions about myself or my family. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this and trying to figure out what to write about is proving to be difficult for me at the moment.… Read More

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