Here’s why I’ve been offline for 2 days as well as 3 ways you can avoid the same fate

You may have noticed that I’ve been offline for a couple days. Actually, it’s more like a day and a half, but it feels like longer.  
Here’s the long and short of the situation. One of the sites that I donate hosting to was compromised. This triggered numerous flags and Bluehost shut all the sites I’m hosting down, including this one. 

The hack was quickly identified and eventually removed.

Bluehost was very frustrating at times because all they tell you is that there’s malware. 

That’s it. 

They shut you down and don’t even give you a direction to go in. In fairness, this is a basically a dedicated server and they only physically manage the hardware. The rest is up to the IT guy. In this case, the IT guy is me. 

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