I’m in desperate need of sleep

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I had a rough night. I fell asleep around 1 AM and was woke up about 3 AM by Emmett. I don’t remember all the details but he had a nightmare and just wanted to snuggle. 

Normally I wouldn’t mind but I’ve spent the last several nights on the couch because Elliott’s been dealing with insomnia, even on Melatonin. 

As a result of many nights on the couch, my back has gone out. I don’t remember feeling this much pain in many, many years. The point being that Emmett wanting to snuggle, wasn’t going to work cause I was in took much pain. 

I ended up moving down to the couch again and was eventually able to fall back asleep. Lizze is sending me back to bed and I’m going to follow her orders. My brain is completely fried at this point and in desperate need of sleep. 

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