This morning has completely fallen apart -

This morning has completely fallen apart

We’re not off to the best start today. Unfortunately, most of us are not feeling well. By most of us, I mean everyone in my family with an active immune system. Ironically, Gavin is the the only one who’s feeling fine. 

In reality, that’s a good thing because the last thing in the world we want is for Gavin to get sick. 

Nobody went to school today and we’re all just going to take it easy this morning and see if things improve. 

In regards to Emmett, I actually suspect he’s in a fever flare. This explains his demeanor and level of aggression this morning. 

Lizze can barely move today because of the weather. We went from a much warmer trend to this. 

As for myself, I’m exhausted beyond words. Yesterday took a huge toll on me and I feel like I could sleep for a week. 

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