This is what #Autism Parenting is like for me today and it’s not fun

Tensions seem pretty high right now because people are sick and we’re trapped in the house. Lizze and I are both extremely stressed out today and that makes for a fun afternoon. 

When my resources are as low as they are at the moment, I’m far less tolerant of everything Gavin does. 

Normally, I doing well with the amount of patience I seem to have. I don’t know of where it comes from but it always seems to be there. Today however, I’m running on fumes and things are getting to me that normally wouldn’t. 

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Gavin’s level of functionality is probably the lowest it’s ever been, and as a result, I’m essentially having to micromanage his life at this point and it’s absolutely exhausting. I know it’s not his fault but having to constantly stay ten steps ahead of him is not easy. 

To be completely honest, staying ahead of Gavin is a full-time job in and of itself. It’s incredibly frustrating because he’s seventeen and I wish he could manage his own life. 

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  1. Jenny

    I don’t find what you are saying to be negative, just lazy. There are soooo many things you can do for free. And you keep mentioning ‘this month’ is short. I’ve read your blog for 9 years and this is pretty much the norm for you isn’t it?

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