Today's Victory: He ate it -

Today’s Victory: He ate it

I’m pulling the trigger on this one a bit early but it’s totally worth it. 

In my last entry, I was talking about how Emmett would it longer eat corn dogs, one of the last goto foods he will still eat. I bought a big box while shopping because we are on a very meager budget this month and it’s something Emmett always eats. 

Unfortunately, the first couple of corn dogs he tried, tasted funny. 

Generally speaking, if something tastes funny once, in Emmett’s mind, it will never taste right again. 

That being said, he wanted to try corn dogs for lunch today and while I didn’t want to waste food again, if he wanted to try, I was all for it. 

At first he ate one and then he had a second. He never said anything about them tasting funny and I certainly didn’t want to bring that to his attention. My hope is, I can once again add corn dogs back to his very limited menu. 

I’m not going to make any assumptions cause this could be a one time thing. Having said that, I’m living in the moment on this one and I’m calling the a victory… ☺ 

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