Gavin’s complaining of the weirdest thing today

Ever since Gavin was little, hes had a weird relationship with pain. It’s been labeled a sensory issue but it’s still weird. 

Back when Gavin was self-injuring in a major way, he would scratch his face open or punch his legs until he left giant bruises. He would never complain about these things hurting and they obviously should have hurt. 

At the same time, if he had a barely visible hang nail, he would freak out and react as though it was the end of the world. He’s always been this way. 

This morning, he began complaining the webbing between his fingers was cramping up. It wasn’t his fingers or hands either. He specifically pointed to the webbing and said it’s cramping between each finger, and on both hands. 

WTF does that even mean? 

A bit later, he says it’s like someone’s cutting the vein with scissors… 

I’m at a loss on this one… 

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