That didn’t go as planned

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We sent the boys to hang out with Lizze’s parents today, so we could attempt to round up Greysha. This cat is impossible to find and even harder to capture. 

Lizze and I literally spent hours this afternoon trying to catch her. 

Frankly, I don’t know if we will ever be able to round her up. I wish we had a better solution but she just never adjusted to being around people. If we look at her while she’s walking around, she freaks out and runs away. We’ve tried everything to help her adjust, but it’s been a few years now and the older she gets, the more feral like behavior we are seeing. She’s now getting very aggressive with our older cat. She’s even gone after the ferrets. 

We managed to get her to the vet a few times over the years but as she got older, we were never able to catch her. 

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On the rarest of occasions, she’ll let Lizze pet her, but no one can pick her up. I don’t know what we are going to do. 
Lizze and I both would prefer to find a solution that doesn’t require her to leave but she acts like a feral cat and we never been able to work that out of her. 

Our goal is to find a rescue or another home where she would be the only animal in the house. I’ve been reading about how to deal with feral cats and they are almost always unadoptable. Feral cats are born in the wild and are never socialized. They don’t do well around people and are basically wild cats. 

While Greysha has lived with us for about four years now, she lives very much the same as she would if we’d never rescued her. She wants nothing to do with people, spooks if we even look at her, and exists isolated from everyone else in the house. 

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It’s never been a problem before because she never caused any problems. She loved to catch mice and is really good at it. Unfortunately, now she’s viciously attacking our older cat Cleo, and there’s no reason for it. She’s also going after the ferrets as well.  

Poor Cleo is so stressed out from being attacked, that she’s had explosive diarrhea for weeks. The vet checked her out and said it’s likely stress because everything else checked out and the meds aren’t really helping,! 

Not wanting to be around people is something we’ve never been able to help her with. She’s probably meant to be an outdoor cat but that’s not a good idea where we live.

We currently have no idea where she is. We’ve searched the entire house and found nothing.  

We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings.