It’s a weird day in my house

It’s a weird day in my house

It’s a weird day here in The Autism Dad household. Everyone is in kind of a weird place today. I don’t think anyone’s in a bad mood per say, but everyone’s a bit grumpy. 

Lizze didn’t sleep last night and I didn’t get much sleep last night. It was simply one of those nights where sleep remains elusive. 

Thankfully, the boys seem to be finally feeling better. I still hear the occasional cough but nothing major, and no fevers. That’s the big one. No fever is a really good sign. ☺ 

I’m needing to hit the grocery store today cause the boys need stuff for their lunches.. I’m not sure what I’m going to find for Emmett. Last week I got him to eat pepperoni sticks, apple sauce and a Danimals. Frankly, we were lucky to get him eating that. 

He says he wants that again but I’d really like to balance out his diet, but if it’s a choice between eating and not eating, getting him to eat is the priority. 


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