Midnight and morning meltdowns 

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Last night was a nightmare. Mr. Emmett didn’t go to sleep until well after midnight. It was one meltdown after another until he fell asleep. All of this because of a stuffy nose. 

To recap, a stuffy nose turned our lives upside down, until well after midnight last night.

Emmett and I ended up falling asleep in the living room because I didn’t want to him to wake the other boys up. 

Lizze had to be up super early, in order to go to class, so I was nominated to manage this situation last night. I’m so tired today and I’m going to have to close my eyes for a little while. 

If I wasn’t already tired enough, I would be after trying to get Emmett ready for school. It took everything I had to convince him to go to school. 

I’ll share more after I close my eyes for a little bit. 

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