It was a draining day, and we are doing it again tomorrow 

I’m completely drained after today. I’ve been nonstop since this morning, and I’m fricking exhausted. We went from bed, to the dentist, to the Garden Center, to Dr. Pattie’s, to Walgreens, and finally home again. 

For the most part, the boys did awesome today. 

Both Elliott and Emmett are physically, and emotionally drained after the dental excitement this morning. Keeping that in mind, the few meltdowns we had this afternoon were understandable. 

Once the boys were in bed, Lizze and I went to bed ourselves. We’re both drained, and have to be ready to do it again in the morning. Gavin has to be at Dr. Reynolds first thing. 

With any luck, I’ll get some sleep tonight.. ☺ 

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