Is it okay to need a break from your child with #Autism? I have the answer. 

Is it okay to need a break from your child with #Autism? I have the answer. 

Okay folks, I generally try to avoid giving direct parenting advice, because everyone’s situation is different. What works for me or my family, may not work for you or yours. That doesn’t stop people from asking for advice all the time though. 

I’ve decided that I will begin offering non-specific, widely applicable Autism parenting advice. Take it or leave it. ☺ 

Let’s begin with a very important one. 

Is it okay to need a break from your child with Autism? 

This is one of those questions that probably enters every Autism parents mind at least once. As parents, we have this irrational idea that because our child/ren have Autism, we aren’t allowed to experience emotions like anger, frustration, or even resentment. 

Somehow, it became unacceptable to have a very human reaction, to a very human child, simply because Autism is involved. 

Truthfully, there are times I still struggle with this, and I’ve been at it for over fifteen years now. 

To answer the above proposed question, is it okay to need a break from your child with Autism, the answer is resounding yes. Of course it’s okay to need a break from your child with Autism. It’s okay to feel frustrated, angry, and yes, even resentful. I’ve been there countless times in my tenure. 

I should qualify that answer just a bit. 

It’s not so much what you feel, but rather how you deal with what you feel. It’s never okay to be physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive towards a child. 

We’re all human, and we all experience emotions. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. At the same time, we have a responsibility to both ourselves, and our children to manage these emotions in an appropriate way. 

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